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Food Preservation Kitchen Tray

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A truly innovative and convenient way to keep your food fresh in 2019.

Are you sick of your food going bad too quickly? Are you tired of using mountains of plastic wrap which doesn't preserve your food and is destroying our precious planet?

If you said yes to any of the above, then this magical food preservation tray is perfect for you, your family and the planet.

The innovative elastic film allows you to store and safely preserve all types of fresh food and leftovers. 

The easy to use buckle clip makes using the preservation trays super easy and convenient.

Reusable and suitable for refrigerators, freezers, picnics and events. These trays will drastically reduce your plastic wrap usage and make food storage simple and convenient for years to come.

Stackable when not in use makes storing these trays super easy and they dont take up precious cupboard space.

Not only easy to use, our preservation trays are also easy to clean. Just wash with warm soapy water.


Make your food last longer, store it safely and preserve our planet by reducing your plastic wrap usage. A win, win, win!

Get your Food Preservation Trays from Conscious Kitchenware today!