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Magic Mug - The Mug that can't fall over.

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Ever spilt your coffee? Your tea? Your Whiskey?

Well, you never have to worry about precious spillage again...Introducing the Magic Mug - The Travel Mug that will never fall over. Keep your precious liquids safe and secure with the mug that magically sticks to any flat surface.

Push it, pull it, kick it, punch it. It won't budge! You can even leave it on the roof of your car and your coffee will still be waiting for you at your next destination. Amazing.

Try it for yourself, we promise you'll be impressed!

Enjoy your drinks even more, without having to worry about a loss of liquid, calling in the cleanup crew or ruining your favourite sweater.

Size: 500ml or 17oz

Made from Insulated food-grade plastic which will keep your hot drinks nice hot for hours. It is also dishwasher and freezer safe.

Fits standard bicycle water bottle holders.


Send us a video of you trying to knock over the magic mug or taking it for a ride on your surfboard and receive a 30% coupon for your next purchase!